Name of Event

Date of Event



Springfields Bike Show 21st – 22nd Jan Lincolnshire 7,800
MCN Live Show 4th – 5th Feb London 105,000
Bristol Bike Show 11 th Feb Shepton Mallet 23,050
Tonfanau-Social night 11th Feb Crewe 7.050
Telford Off Road Show 18th – 19th Feb Telford 15,500
Race Retro (Live) 24th – 26th Feb Coventry 42,500
Opening of Mallory Park 5th March Leicestershire 4,000
Craven Arms 26th March Ludlow 10,500
Tonfanau Event 1 16th March Tywyn Mid-Wales 6,050
Stafford Bike Show 22nd -23rd April Stafford 49,000
Tonfanau Event 2 28th May Tywyn Mid-Wales 6,050
Cardiff Bike Show 15th may Cardiff 3,500
TT and race Parade 27th May – 9th June Isle of Man 192,000
Pageant of Power 9th – 11th June Cheshire 180,050
Good Wood Speed 29thjune 2nd July Chichester 175,500
Tonfanau Event 3 2nd July Tywyn Mid-Wales 8,500
Mike Hailwood Tribute 9th 10th July Castle combe 25,000
Mallory Bike Festival 28th – 30st July Leicestershire 27,500
Aberdare Park 29th – 30st July Aberdare 26,000
Armoy Road Race 29th 30th July Ireland 22,000
Llan Bike Fest 22nd – 23th July Llangollen 9,500
Brackely Bike Weekend 19th August Blackley 32,000
Tonfanau Event 4 27th August Tywyn Mid-Wales 3,600
Moto GP Day Champions 23rd – 27th Sept Silverstone 102,000
Busfest VW 8th – 10th Sept Malvern, W 38,000
Good Wood Revival 8th – 10th Sept Chichester 145,000
Stafford Bike Show 14th – 15th Oct Stafford 37,500
Tonfanau Presentation 18th Nov Crewe 700.00

Total People: 1, 276, 200 People.